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Best WordPress plugins Review for 2022

Best WordPress plugins Review for 2022

There are many plugins, however, not all are high-quality. It’s crucial to know which plugins are adequately coded and maintained by a recognized team. These plugins aren’t just used by us. In reality, these are used by other web development companies and people as well. Their popularity has grown over time. As a result, these plugins just get better with time. I have compiled a list of the top WordPress plugins for important features that all WordPress sites need, split down into different categories, based on our decades of combined experience with WordPress and WordPress plugins.

Fluent Forms

Features: With its pre-made form templates and drag-and-drop form builder, Fluent Forms is a lightweight form plugin that may simplify the process of creating any form. You can use it for anything from a basic contact form to anything more complex like a payment, registration, survey, or anything else you can think of. The sophisticated features offered by Fluent Forms are a welcome bonus. When compared to other form plugins, the free version includes features like conditional logic. 

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Best WordPress CRM Plugins

The term “CRM” stands for “customer relationship manager” and refers to a software program that helps you manage your interactions with customers. Both plugins that connect to prominent SaaS CRM products and those that provide their own, self-hosted customer relationship management solutions are available for WordPress. To help you choose, we’ve compiled a list of two CRM plugins. 


Features: FluentCRM is the best and most complete Email Marketing and CRM solution with a lot of features. It is also the easiest and fastest CRM and marketing plugin for WordPress. Manage your relationships with your customers, build your email lists, send email campaigns, build funnels, and make more money and increase your conversion rates. 

  • 👉 Turn the people who comment on your WordPress posts into subscribers.
  • 👉 Use the Double-Optin feature to get good leads.
  • 👉 Make it so that WordPress users are automatically your subscribers.
  • 👉 Subscription Preference lets you manage and change your email footer.

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WordPress Best Table Plugins

With a WordPress responsive table plugin, you can show data in a clear and concise way. With an interactive table, your site’s visitors can easily view, filter, and sort your data to suit their needs. This makes it easier for people to use your site. The good news is that there are several free, paid, and freemium plugins that let you make tables and charts in your WordPress admin area and then show them to visitors. 

Ninja table

Features: Ninja Tables is a free WordPress responsive table plugin with a plethora of functions. The free version includes basic functions such as data uploading into tables, sorting, pagination, and filtering. Furthermore, Ninja Tables free contains over 100 table types for practically any presentation. It is a highly versatile editing environment with a plethora of visual customization possibilities, including drag-and-drop color, font, and sorting. The best part is that all tables are responsive and mobile-friendly. Here WooCommerce integration available. 

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WordPress support plugins

You, as a business owner, understand the importance of keeping your current clientele happy. Keeping your consumers happy is of the utmost importance. Your business will suffer if you fail to provide adequate customer service. If there is an issue with the service or product you are providing, the consumer will contact you. You must see to it that these issues are fixed. This is crucial if you want to keep your consumers happy. That’s what will determine whether or not your clientele sticks with you. Here are two WordPress Plugins will help you. 

Fluent Support

Features: Fluent Support is here to make it easy to keep track of tickets. Agents can filter and sort tickets using many different factors to figure out how important they are. In the same way, you can see how things are going and how many tickets are waiting.

  • 👉 Your WordPress dashboard has a full customer service center.
  • 👉 Managing multiple business accounts is easy with the Business Inbox.
  • 👉 Custom ticket fields
  • 👉 Fluent Forms Integration
  • 👉 Customize email notification
  • 👉 Agents’ permissions or roles need to be managed.
  • 👉 Workflow Automation, Ticket Tagging, and Mass Actions for Hundreds of Tickets.
  • 👉 Find, sort, and filter tickets
  • 👉 Integration with plugin stacks such as LMS, Membership, eCommerce, CRM, etc.
  • 👉 Multiple attachments

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