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Telegram Integration With Fluent Support Plugin 2022

Telegram Integration With Fluent Support Plugin 2022

What are the benefits of integrating Telegram and Fluent Support?

Fluent Support may now send notifications to Groups and Support Agent can also reply directly from Telegram.

After you’ve set up the integration, whenever a new ticket is submitted or a customer responds, you’ll receive an instant notification.

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Set up your own Telegram bot that is connected to Fluent Support’s ticket system to receive instant notifications and respond to messages.

Get Notifications In Telegram

Simply follow these steps to get the Bot Token and Default Channel/Group Chat ID to get your Telegram Integration up & running.

  • 👉 Type Botfather in the search box. Select the Botfather contact. A welcome screen will be presented advising what the bot can do. Click START, or type /start.
  • 👉 A list of commands will be returned. Type /newbot
  • 👉 Give your bot a name (e.g. wpservicespro)
  • 👉 Next you need to choose a username for your bot and it must end in ‘bot’ (e.g. wpservicesprobot)
  • 👉 Once a unique username has been accepted, Botfather will reply with a congratulations message and your new Bot’s API token.
  • 👉 Keep the new bot name, username and API token details recorded in a safe place.
Start BotFather
Create a New Bot

Go to Global Settings and select Notification Integrations from your dashboard. The Telegram integration tab will open as a result of this. The token should then be copied and pasted into the Bot Token field.


Now you will need a Channel or Group Chat ID to send your notification.

  • 👉 First, you need to create a Channel or Group in Telegram. For group membership select the newly created bot (e.g. wpservicesprobot), plus any existing Support agent in your contact list that need to be part of the Support group and receive notifications.
Create New Group
Add the Telegram Bot to the group
  • 👉 Next add a new member to the group- getIDsbot
  • 👉 GetIDsBot will automatically send a message with some information about the group. It will give you a chat ID. The ID starts with a ‘-‘ sign. Record all the details in this message and keep this in a safe place.
  • 👉 Block GetIDsbot from the group.
  • 👉 Elevate the permissions on your new bot within the Telegram group, through the group membership options. Hold down your finger on the Bot and then select ‘Promote to admin’
  • 👉 Accept all the default admin rights assigned to the bot. No need to enable the bottom two options
  • 👉 Using the Notification Events option, choose for which instances you want to be notified through Telegram. The available notification events are: Ticket Created, Ticket Closed & Replied by Customer. Then make sure to Enable Telegram Notification. You can also Enable Reply From Telegram so that your support agents can directly reply from Telegram. As shown in the image given above.
  • 👉 Type in a test message into the ‘Test message’ box (e.g. ‘Hello world’). Click the Green ‘Save Telegram settings’ button. The test message should deliver to the newly created telegram group for all Support Agents in the group.
Send a Test message
Test Message received in the Telegram group
  • 👉 In this way, whenever a new ticket is submitted or replied by any customer. You will be notified about it directly from Telegram, as shown in the example given below.
  • 👉 Telegram Notification when a new ticket was created –

Reply Tickets From Telegram

Each support staff needs to obtain their telegram chat ID by starting a conversation with Wp manager. Once a conversation is established GetIDsbot will send details of the Telegram User ID,  then copy the chat id and save it in your user Telegram Chat ID.

Get Telegram Chat ID of support agent
Get Telegram Chat ID of support agent
Add the Chat Id to the Support Agent
Add the Chat Id to the Support Agent

To reply to a ticket just reply to the ticket notification like a simple message reply. Here is an example –


Now you are all set to reply to tickets from Telegram Integration.

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